DUI with Injury 1st and Second Offense Misdemeanors

DUI with Injury 1st and Second Offense Misdemeanors

License Ramifications of Misdemeanor DUI with Injury convictions

Vehicle Code section 23153(a)/(b)

DUI with Injury – 1st Offense

Did you know that if you are convicted of your first offense DUI with injury that you face a license suspension of 1 year?  Worse yet, if your license is suspended for 1 year as a result of a conviction for a DUI with injury that you will not be able to get a restricted license for that entire year!

DUI with Injury – 2nd Offense

So, if you thought that the license ramifications for a 1st offense DUI with injury are bad, wait until you hear what happens when you receive a conviction for a DUI with injury after you have been previously convicted of a wet reckless, DUI, or DUI with injury for an offense within 10 years of this second DUI.  In this case, the license revocation is for 3 years.  However, after 1 year of the revocation the driver is eligible to obtain an ignition interlock device license, i.e., the driver can get a license again after taking the drive and written test, paying all fees, and installing an ignition interlock device on any car that the driver is operating.

Did I mention that there is a 30 day minimum jail sentence for a DUI with injury in this scenario?  Of course, this assumes that the DUI with injury is charged as a misdemeanor as opposed to a felony.  A way around the minimum punishment of 30 days in jail is for your lawyer to get the second DUI with injury reduced to just a second DUI without injury.