San Jose Pimping and Pandering Lawyer

Pimping and pandering is considered a serious criminal offense in the State of California and falls under California’s prostitution laws. Yet not everyone who is arrested and charged with pimping and pandering is guilty. Women are often forced into prostitution and kept in this position by men with money, power, or dangerous criminal connections. Breaking free from these individuals is difficult, if not impossible. As a result, boyfriends or significant others are often forced into accepting their loved one’s prostitution. They may keep a close eye on them to keep them safe or to protect them from unsavory Johns. Sadly, the result is that they are often arrested and charged with pimping and pandering, while the real pimps are allowed to go free. If you or a loved one has been charged with pimping or pandering, our San Jose pimping and pandering lawyer can help.

What is Pimping and Pandering

Pimping and pandering are actually two separate offenses under California’s prostitution law. Pimping is covered under California Penal Code Section 266h. By definition, anyone who receives compensation from the solicitation of a prostitute could be found guilty of pimping. An example is someone who provides customers for a prostitute in exchange for a cut of the prostitute’s money.

Pandering is very similar to pimping and is covered under California Penal Code Section 266i. By definition, anyone who encourages or persuades another person to become a prostitute is guilty of pandering. This can be done through threats of force, intimidation, or promises of goods. Even if you did not monetarily benefit from the prostitution, you can be charged with this crime.

Consequences of Pimping and Pandering

If you are convicted of pimping or pandering in the State of California, you face serious penalties and consequences, including:

  • Felony conviction
  • 3, 4, or 6 years in California State Prison
  • If the victim was under 16 years of age, you face up to 8 years in prison
  • Fines up to $10,000
  • Sex offender registration if the victim was under the age of 18 at the time of the prostitution.
  • Possible sex trafficking charges

When Pimping and Pandering becomes Sex Trafficking

There are times when pimping and pandering charges could be escalated to more serious sex trafficking charges. If you transported women, children, or men for the purposes of prostitution, you could face federal charges of sex trafficking, which could result in spending up to 30 years in prison for your crimes. An experienced San Jose sex crimes lawyer can help you avoid more serious charges and work diligently to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed all together.

Defenses Against Pimping and Pandering Charges

In order for the prosecution to obtain a conviction of pimping or pandering, they must prove that you purposefully made someone available for prostitution, that you encouraged someone to continue in prostitution, or that you monetarily benefited from their prostitution. If you have been charged with pimping or pandering, it is important to contact an experienced San Jose pimping and pandering lawyer immediately to begin building your defense.

Your attorney can use a variety of defenses to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed. You may have been the victim of entrapment by police officers, or perhaps you were unaware that prostitution was occurring. In addition, false accusations of pimping and pandering occur in high proportions. A prostitute may falsely accuse a John of pimping her—especially if he angered her or refused to pay. In some cases, innocent family members can even be wrongfully charged with this crime.

For example: Rob’s sister Theresa fell onto hard times and turned to prostitution to make ends meet. Rob wanted to get her away from her pimp, but it wasn’t easy, so he took to following her around at night in an attempt to protect her from dangerous johns and unsavory characters. One night, she was approached by an undercover police officer that began to give her a hard time. Rob lost his temper and rushed at the undercover officer in an attempt to protect his sister. The officer thought he was her pimp and he immediately arrested Rob and charged him with the crime. His pimping and pandering attorney was able to prove that Rob was not her pimp and that he was merely trying to protect his sister. All charges were dismissed.

San Jose Pimping and Pandering Lawyers

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